App Sparq Technologies is a leading software consulting firm that specializes in the complete Microsoft Application Stack.

We help our clients with their entire application infrastructure, whether it is cloud based or on-prem. We invest a lot of our time and energy in understanding our client's business, their systems as well as their data. In doing so, our team of expert developers is able to provide the necessary application support that is tailored to meet our client's needs. We can not only support the existing applications but also build brand new custom applications to grow and enhance the business.

We are constantly striving to learn the latest and greatest technologies in the Microsoft Application Stack. Our range of skillset includes developers that have experience in: Azure, Azure DevOps, API Management, Azure SQL, Azure AD, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web Services, Windows Services, Windows Server and the Atlassian Suite.

What sets App Sparq apart from the rest of the consulting firms is that we are based in the strategic location of Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan has great talent in IT and this talent can be hired at an extremely reduced cost because of the strong dollar to rupee exchange rate. That means huge savings to our clients on not just the annual support but also on large-scale projects and enhancements.

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App Sparq Technologies has teamed up with the Canadian firm Quadrant2 Business Technology Corporation to provide unmatched support to our Canadian clients. The founders of both companies have a long 10 year working relationship that has helped to successfully deliver a wide variety of projects.

Now we are working together with Quadrant2 to help Canadian businesses easily outsource their applications at an extremely inexpensive rate. With Quadrant2 acting as the Product Owner while having a physical presence in Canada, and App Sparq acting as the Development Team, our mutual partnership is enabling Canadian businesses to trust and rely on quality application support provided at a rate that cannot be beat by any North-American consulting firm.


Our Skillset

visual Studio Net
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SSRS
Microsoft SSIS
Microsoft Azure
Azure DevOps

Our Values


Customer comes first - We go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our work. That is why we are readily available to provide any kind of support required by our clients. At App Sparq we understand how vital it is to keep all applications running smoothly for a successful business. Because of that we have implemented a support model that ensures that all support requests are completed on time while maintaining a strict level of quality.

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Our Vision


App Sparq is proud to be a software firm based in Pakistan. Pakistan has some of the world's smartest and brightest young minds, especially in IT. Our vision is to become the catalyst for these local IT professionals to be able to launch their careers and grow their skillset. At the same time, our goal is to become the leading software firm in Pakistan that is trusted by overseas companies so they can outsource their application support to us. It is a win-win situation for Pakistan as well as for clients outside Pakistan because we can offer the best rates and at the same time create opportunities for local IT professionals.

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When you join App Sparq, you don't just join a team, you become part of a family!
At App Sparq, we strive towards hiring those individuals who are not only good at their job but also good at teamwork. Our office culture is that of brotherhood! We work as a team, helping each other in times of bad, and cherishing each other in times of joy. We offer a healthy and relaxed environment that promotes employee recognition, and values each member of the team and their skillset.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Pamela Lee (COO & CFO)

The App Sparq team has been a great partner to Mr. Lube. They understand our business, and they know what it takes to deliver efficient and effective solutions with our customer experience in mind. If you want to get more done and save money, call App Sparq. It's as simple as that.

- Pamela Lee, CFO